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VAT can be a nuisance to everyone who is affected by it. This complex scheme of regulations, are an immense inconvenience for a business. As the rate is so high, any mistakes made in calculations prove to be costly.  Any mistake made, including late submission result in penalties and interest charges, which have proven to be very inflexible.
Our team will help you in keeping all your VAT matters in order, making sure you are making the right payments, collecting the correct amount and filing returns accurately. We assure you that all this will be done before all your deadlines. This is all possible as we:

    • Provide a complete and thorough bookkeeping and VAT accounting service
    • Advise you on the timing of compulsory registration
    • Advise you on the pros and cons of voluntary registration
    • Help you extract maximum benefits from the rules on de-registration
    • Inform you about partial exemption
    • Notify you on the timing and when it is possible to delay VAT payments
    • Make you aware of VAT on imports and exports
    • Give advice on flat rate VAT schemes
    • Assist you in the event of VAT control visits by the HMRC
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